11/2017 Steve - Missouri LS30 
I haven't the technical knowledge to suggest circuitry changes, I just know what sounds good to my ear. I love the LS30! 

To put things in perspective let me share a story from last night. An aquaintance of mine who was putting on a benefit for an ill friend, called me yesterday asking if I could fill in with a young local band who's lead guitar player was unable to make the show. They were performing an hour of Rock covers so I said sure. As the band was young they were concerned with a fill in player, but agreed as they really wanted to play the benefit. The guitar player had a 4x12 cab and a 100 watt head, the bass player had a 6x10 cab…top of the line equipment. When I walked in with my 1x12 cab and my LS 30 I could see the look of concern on their faces. Their guitar player said "Dude, do you think you have enough power to keep up with us?" I told him I think it will be fine, but could see he wasn't convinced. 

 We played our set and things went well. Afterwards the young guitar player came over to me and said "What kind of amp is that, it sounds awesome!" I looked at him, smiled, and said "Landry's the name, tone is the game."
True story.

11/2017 - Rick - Florida - LS30
I love my LS30 like you just wouldn't believe. I have used the Stone Age 1x12 with the Celestion Creamback you recommended and it is really a great sounding combination.

The cleans on this little beast are pretty damn good and almost like a Plexi but not quite as chimey or Deluxe reverb-ish. Totally usable if you aren't demanding the bell ringing tones you get from fender amp and strat combo. The bright switches seem to bring the amp to life even when using a dark or really dull sounding guitar but they do not rob the richness of the overall tone by only thinning things out. They give a breath of life to the tone and keep the full open quality there too. Bravo on this feature as it really works well. 

For a low power solution you have nailed just about everything I (or anyone) could ask for. I play your amp extensively now as it does not compare to my other big name amp which has been gathering dust since your LS30 arrived!

Thanks again Bill for doing what you do so well and keeping the player in mind when you build. Contacting us in the middle and offering the reverb after starting was extremely kind and shows how much you care about every detail in the process.
Many thanks!

10/2017 - Glyn - Mississipppi - LS30 
I’ve used my LS30 in small clubs, large rooms and outside, and only requires a little tweeking to get a sound that blows me away. Plenty of punch and power for 30 Watts. Lots of people have commented on the amp sounds, especially used with my Tele with Fender noiseless 4 single coils. But it’s a real beast with Seymour Duncan JB’s, blows my face off. I use a Marshall 4X12 with 75 Watt Celestions and one single box cabinet with Celestion Vintage 30 for extra monitor. There’s nothing I would change to my amp, it’s just right for me. Thanks Billy

8/2017 - Steve - LS50G3 / LS30
I would like express my views of Landry amps. WOW!!! I have been playing a lot of years . very consistent for the last five years, This is hands down the best amp I have ever owned. I was looking for a combo recently, and nothing compares to Landry...period. I play classic rock and some other types. Our drummer who is retired from the road with a well known artist, he ask me the other night at a gig where my chops were coming from. I simply said, my Landry.....thanks Landry amps.

6/2016 - Jukka  - Finland - G3 Review
Amp arrived today and I have played with it a couple of hours. I must say that this is the best amp I have ever played and I have just only tried it at my home in a row house at low volume. You certainly delivered and I'm so happy I chose your amp.

 I don't need any tone enhancers with G3. Different bright switch positions are really good and practical, I can easily switch between single coil and humbucker guitars and just flip the switch for right amount of brightness. I could not imagine that OD- channel could be so versatile. Gain at 8 o'clock I can have beautiful plexi style cleans with a little breakup. At noon it is gorgeous crunch tone that I can clean up with my guitar volume knob. High gain does everything I need gainwise and more. 

Before this amp only my Ruokangas VSOP, a strat style guitar was my only piece of gear that I knew right from the start that I would never sell it. G3 is another of those things. And I knew it from the first chord just like the strat, this isn't just honeymoon period. I have had the strat for five years now and it is forever for me regarding guitar gear.
Thank you again for this amazing piece of gear. I will spread the word here in Finland and hope musicians all over the world would get to know Landry Amps and order them from you. Thank you also for your exceptional customer service, awesome!
I played some more yesterday. It's amazing how the transition between clean and gain channels is kind of seamless. In my experience channel switchers usually have drastically different EQ's between channels but not in G3. I love this because it's more natural to change channels in the middle of a song. Sure, one channel is kind of American and another a British but still both have similar brightness which I like very much.

Many manufacturers build American/British channel switching amps and I have tried many of those. G3 is the first to succeed, in my case. I think it's pretty safe to say that all guys who love American tone and/or British will also love Landry G3. I seriously hope that you'll break through big like some other big boutique builders have.


Just had to tell you one more thing. I've always been a single coil player as I probably told you when ordering the amp. Now I may have realized that I've never had an amp that sounds good with humbuckers. I've now played with my SG more than other guitars and no doubt, the strat still sounds fantastic through G3, that is not an issue.

I just thought that you should probably mention about this to single coil players who think they don't like humbucker tone and mainly play at home. Humbuckers really work best with a band in my opinion and can sound dull when playing yourself at low volume. Not with G3, it' amazing how it works with every guitar. With humbuckers I currently max the depth control and use modern and hard settings. Wonderful tone even at low volume while playing this morning. Can't wait to get to try the amp in a band setting!
I’m terrible at giving review's but this is what’s going on so far…...I feel like I’m just scratching the surface of this amp but Wow! this amplifier is simply stunning in tones. So far I’m able to find the vibe of players I had hoped to capture and now finding even more possibilities that I didn’t even think of. The clean channel is fantastic and I’m glad I went with the dirty clean mod, it just adds that little punch and bigness to the notes and then you can crank it for a wonderful crunch vibe. Totally crazy clean channel.

The drive channel is ridiculous! with all the options to shape this channel I can’t see anyone not being able to find a great tone. It took me a few minutes to understand what was going on with the rhythm master mod and then I realized that it’s controlling the clean and drive channels (Rhythm channels of course) but when I turned the amp on at first I had it all the way off and was thinking Oh no it’s not working….. Haha….. this will be a great feature to have when playing out. I must say that your EQ settings are fantastic. Usually on any amp you would turn them so far and it goes to the extreme point and never use them in full sweep but your EQ let’s you use the entire sweep something that I will have to get use to but really enjoy. The Depth control was like Yow!!! I thought I had the amp dialed in to my liking and then realized the amp has a depth knob on the back that I had all the way off, when I started to turn it the amp really came to life and put that big smile on my face……;) Everything sounds so articulate and full even at the highest gains. Again the clean channel is so nice….

I also just realized the modern/classic switch today. Is that the same as the hard/soft switch or the diode clipping switch? I noticed that when I put it in the modern position the volume drops on the amp is this normal? You should rename it the bounce switch…Hahaha… When in modern the amp gets really sensitive and bouncy…Awesome feature as well……
I was very nervous ordering this amp being that I really knew nothing about you and your amps before except what you hear and see on the internet, but I was drawn to this amp and really loved what I was hearing so I gave it a chance and now after getting the amp I don’t regret my decision at all. You make one fantastic amp that you should be very proud of making. I know I will be very proud to play it and tell everyone I know who’s looking for a serious amplifier to check you out.

8/2015 - G3 Review
 I'm very happy to say that the amp has met and exceeded my expectations on many levels. Overall the first word that came to mind is how inspiring it is, I have song ideas flowing left and right when I play it because I feel the sound... it's got the best clean channel I've played/heard. I had been primarily focused on the lead channel (we'll get to that in a sec), however the clean channel is excellent and I actually spent the majority of my time playing it the first day through the clean channel, no fx, direct guitar to amp and it sounds like mastered studio quality. Very responsive, dynamic and transparent, I played all of my guitars through it and actually hear and feel each guitar itself, not just the amp's interpretation of the way it should sound, that's a great amp.

To the lead channels, I'd only heard the amp via YouTube so wasn't really expecting the balls it has at all volumes. Very full sounding and is the sound I've always wanted from a lead channel, again it's the transparency with the amp that lets the sound flow so easily. Also very touch responsive, excellent harmonics and you weren't joking about the amount of sustain! Again, it's inspiring to play and has very obvious great craftsmanship and excellent build quality and that's all a great amp ever needs, this has it. Can't wait to rock the stage with it.

4/2012 - G3 Review
I am off today on vacation and just spent the last two hours playing your amp - God I love this thing!!! Blows me away every time. I am going to try and record some ditty this weekend and send it off as I think you will dig the tone. These Fanes have a nice chunky bottom end and show real nice harmonics on the treble side - amazing. And my God - this is the quietest amp I have ever owned - no buzzes or hum - completely quiet while idling. I am super glad you talked me into the 100 watt version too.

1/2012 - G3 Review
You build such an excellent product, you take pride in what you do. I am not the player you are or the technician, but I have a good ear for tone - and this is hands down the best sounding amp I have ever heard. It's versatility is perfect - it's basically three amps in one. This is the last amp I ever need to buy and I can retire my Marshall and may even sell my Bad Cat.
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