Landry Amps is an independent boutique guitar amplifier manufacturer. 
Bill Landry is the owner and builder (and guitar player) with an 
extremely high level of dedication to excellence. 
As a guitar player growing up in the 70's, I have always had a deep appreciation for the rock guitar tones of the 70's and 80's. As a working musician, I found myself in a never-ending search for the tones I loved from my favorite guitar players. After more than 25 years, in 2001 I decided to take matters into my own hands and built the amp that I have always wanted.
The first priority was a killer rock tone. But since there isn't just one killer rock tone, the distortion channel had to be capable of producing moderately saturated sounds (AC/DC, Aerosmith, etc.) as well as more heavily overdriven sounds (Van Halen, Ratt, etc.). Plus, it had to have a separate clean channel that's warm, articulate and punchy. It also had to have enough features to be versatile, like independent EQ's for each channel, a tube buffered effects loop, a great sounding reverb and a master volume. And all this had to be laid out in a simple, easy-to-use format.
After six years of much trial and error, and the steepest learning curve I have ever encountered, the LS100 was born. It was an all-tube, hand-wired, 100 watt amplifier designed for the working musician that needs versatility. But I couldn’t stop there! I continued to learn and pursue great tone. Today I have the third generation of that original design – the LS100G3.
The remarkable thing about this amp is that it produces genuine vintage American cleans (the pure clean channel)* and with a click of the foot switch, produces a British crunch. Then with another click, an ‘80s high gain and more. 

The LS100G3 is the amp that I’ve has always wanted.
Bill Landry
*When ordering a G3 you can choose between the Pure clean channel (American tone), or the Dirty clean channel (British tone).
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