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After nine and a half years in business selling my amps direct to the customer at wholesale prices, it is now time to pursue making my amps available in retail stores. I have put off this decision for a few years now for two reasons….

#1 - My prices will go up considerably. By selling direct I have kept my amps priced as affordable as I could. Once these are available in the retail market, my amp prices will increase to the range of other amps - such as Metropoulos, Carol Ann, etc.  

#2 - I will miss dealing one-on-one with my customers, from whom I have learned so much! Your feedback has been invaluable to me. I thank every one of you that has taken a chance and bought a Landry Amp without playing it first.
If all goes well, you will see Landry Amps in some of the high-end music stores across the U.S. sometime this year. If you are thinking of purchasing a Landry Amp, now would be a good time to do so. Once they become available in retail stores, the prices will never be this low again.

Thank you,
Bill Landry

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