LS100G3 Review



I played some more yesterday. It's amazing how the transition between clean and gain channels is kind of seamless. In my experience channel switchers usually have drastically different EQ's between channels but not in G3. I love this because it's more natural to change channels in the middle of a song. Sure, another channel is kind of Fender and another a Marshall but still both have similar brightness which I like very much.

I don't know how you have designed this kind of clean channel using EL34's. I've had a silverface Fender, Tone King Sky King, Bassman, Bogner Duende, etc. All of these are supposed to be ultimate Fender- type cleans but G3 beats them all. With EL34's. Unbelievable. You steered me to right direction by suggesting to order the true clean channel.

Many manufacturers build Fender/Marshall channel switching amps and I have tried many of those. G3 is the first to succeed, in my case. I think it's pretty safe to say that all guys who love Fenders and/or Marshalls will also love Landry G3.