LS100G3 Review



I'm very happy to say that the amp has met and exceeded my expectations on many levels. Overall the first word that came to mind is how inspiring it is, I have song ideas flowing left and right when I play it because I feel the sound... it's got the best clean channel I've played/heard. I had been primarily focused on the lead channel (we'll get to that in a sec), however the clean channel is excellent and I actually spent the majority of my time playing it the first day through the clean channel, no fx, direct guitar to amp and it sounds like mastered studio quality. Very responsive, dynamic and transparent, I played all of my guitars through it and actually hear and feel each guitar itself, not just the amp's interpretation of the way it should sound, that's a great amp.

To the lead channels, I'd only heard the amp via YouTube so wasn't really expecting the balls it has at all volumes. Very full sounding and is the sound I've always wanted from a lead channel, again it's the transparency with the amp that lets the sound flow so easily. Also very touch responsive, excellent harmonics and you weren't joking about the amount of sustain! Again, it's inspiring to play and has very obvious great craftsmanship and excellent build quality and that's all a great amp ever needs, this has it. Can't wait to rock the stage with it.